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The Industrial Revolution started in the mid-18th century. Since that time there has been relentless progress in technological advances. Unfortunately, technology brought environmental pollution. The more the technology developed, the more the pollution. This pollution has increased exponentially in the past 100 years and at the present time is pervasive and significant:

  • The air we breathe has toxic particles.
  • The water we drink carries multiple toxic substances.
  • The food we eat is likely to be unhealthy as not only it is likely to contain pesticides and herbicides, but many other toxicants.

Manufacturing the “things we need” carries an implicit consequence of dumping the debris into the air (smoke loaded with chemicals) and into the water. Ultimately the reservoirs that provide drinking water for us but also for farm animals and wild-life become contaminated.

The food industry cares more about the shelf life of the food to be sold than about its nutritional value.

Consequences of this pervasive pollution of our environment

The pollutants affect the proper function of the biological mechanisms that maintain life and health of all living beings.

This chronic toxic condition produces a widespread inflammation of our bodies. Many people feel chronically tired, develop allergies, suffer from thyroid gland and other glands dysfunctions.