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Allergy, Health & Wellness

Dr. Saporta is a Board-Certified Otolaryngologist who devoted most of his professional life to the management of the allergic conditions and hormonal dysfunctions, conditions that affect the quality of life of the affected person.


Dr. Saporta has a deep respect for Nature, and believes in the natural order of things. Modern life with all its positive features, has also produced enormous levels of pollution and toxicity, which affects our health.


After 30 years of medical practice Dr. Saporta developed “Allergy, Health & Wellness” with the objective of helping patients attain a sense of wellbeing by decreasing the reactivity of the body to the surrounding environment (allergies) and by regulating the levels of hormones (thyroid hormones and other hormones) to an optimal level. In other words, our goal is good health.

Proud To Serve You!

A healthy individual should feel well, requiring no or few medications, allergies would be minimal or non-existent and should tolerate the foods consumed in the diet, for which a healthy bowel is a basic necessity.

If your objective is to be healthy, if you want to feel well, if you wonder why you are always tired, why you lack motivation, why you feel congested and cannot sleep well, why you developed asthma or other respiratory symptoms, why you cannot be outdoors when the weather is nice, why you react to pollen or to dust, then please continue reading.

Our goal is to help you find a solution to these problems. Our approach is natural and holistic. When a natural option is available it will be favored, using pharmaceuticals only when necessary.

Over the years we found that it is literally impossible to work as we do, regulated by insurance companies. In order to practice the medicine we believe in, we are a self-pay practice.

In our website you will find information about

  • Management of the allergic conditions
  • Management of reactivity to foods (clinically evident or “hidden”)
  • Management of thyroid dysfunctions
  • Management of female and male hormonal imbalances
  • Management of weak adrenal function (the patient with low energy)
  • Management of the patient that developed symptoms after living or working in an environment with water-damage that promoted mold growth
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